The value of being partners

C.M. & M. stands for top-level design and development

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Passion and accuracy in all processes

C.M. & M. stands for high quality standards and rigorous controls

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A constant focus on future goals

C.M. & M. stands for high quality standards and rigorous controls

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Sandblasting services

Rigorously monitored production stages

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Professional welding for top-quality production

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C.M.&M. Costruzioni Meccaniche e Montaggi was founded in the second half of the 1970s, thanks to the passion and determination of its two founders: Remo and Renzo Cucco.
It has been active in the field of mechanical construction for over 30 years, working alongside world leaders, who see C.M.&M. as an ally and a reliable partner for the prototyping and industrialisation of their new projects.

Today, the company is a family-run group, with employees specialised in production and supported by a technical department, which offers top-level consultancy, prototyping, design and development services.
From the procurement of raw materials to delivery, which is entrusted to the company's fleet, each production and logistics process of C.M.&M. stands out for its high quality standards and absolutely rigorous controls. Its production stages are rigorously monitored to make sure processing is carried out to perfection: laser cutting, assembly, welding and straightening, sandblasting and shot blasting, machining, lacquering, mounting and final inspection.

C.M.&M. has learnt the value of being partners, working alongside its customers, supporting them in the most complex design challenges thanks to its experience, expertise, specialisation and a consolidated, trained team.


C.M.&M. is a successful business specialising in metalworking with accurate production standards, starting from raw materials through to final inspection and product certification. The corporate philosophy is to provide a bespoke service, on-time delivery, quality, professional management and to offer competitive prices in a rapidly changing industry. Its main goal is to be a first-tier manufacturer, maintaining excellence in all the commitments undertaken, ensuring a professional partnership while fully meeting the needs of its employees.

C.M.&M. through history

  • 1977 The individual firm is founded with headquarters in Vighizzolo d'Este, a small Italian municipality of about 950 inhabitants in the province of Padua, in the Veneto region (Italy), the place of origin of the Cucco family.
  • 1979 The first plant is built, measuring approximately 210 sq. m.
  • 1983 The first plant is doubled and the first semi-automatic machines for sheet metal working are included in production.
  • 1997 The new headquarters are opened in a newly built plant measuring 1,800 sq. m.
  • 2000 The production area is doubled with the construction of an additional section of the plant for a total of 3,600 sq. m. The first laser cutting workstation is installed for sizes 1500 x 3000.
  • 2010 Further expansion of the company's area with the purchase of a plot of land adjacent to the new site with a total area of approximately 24,000 sq. m.
  • 2011 Construction of an additional section of the plant for the storage of semi-finished products ready for mounting and welding.
  • 2015 Construction of the new plant, reaching a total of approximately 7,000 sq. m. of covered surface area and 5,000 sq. m. of outdoor yard, giving C.M.&M. an “L” shape. A new fibre laser is installed for formats 2000 x 4000.

C.M.&M. today

C.M.&M. boasts a wide range of international customers. Here is a list of companies that have chosen our business as an added value for their production.